Wednesday, April 25, 2007


For the past couple of months I have blogging for, an environmental concern that is also "a researcher, inventor, developer, acquirer, and licensor of proprietary Green energy technologies."
Our mission is to change the way we power our homes and buildings, our vehicles and appliances, and to change the world and make it a better place for you, your kids and future generations.
ECOtality has partnered with NASA, among others, to develop the hydrogen/magnesium alternative energy source it calls Hydratus.

I encourage readers of this blog to visit and join the discussion. We are open to all points of view, are eager to share information, and wish to generate a lively debate regarding issues including but not limited to energy, ecology, foreign oil dependence, green technologies, and global warming.

Personally, I have been deeply affected by what I've learned by contributing to the blog. While I have a way to go before I am living a green lifestyle I would consider a good example for others to follow, my eyes have been opened to serious truths about the way we need to treat the planet.



Blogger richard lopez said...

that's wonderful. we try to do our part by owning 1 car. i walk to and from work. recycle everything we can. buy organic foods.

curious whether if there are other poets who feel guilty about the glut of pape we use in our pubs. if online publishing and pdf books and zines are a more viable alternative.

then i think about how much power is needed for computers, servers and so forth. but then i don't know. at least e-publishing does not clear-cut forests. but then coal is ripped fom the ground to supply electricity.

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