Tuesday, April 17, 2007

8-word poem: THE DON IMUS STORY

If I say
Will I be



Blogger MsAPhillips said...

Yes, according to urbandictionary.com

1. niggardly

word that will get u fired...even though it doesn't mean anything offensive

Example: "I said niggardly and then i had to apologize...because my boss doesn't have a strong grasp of the english language."

9:34 PM  
Blogger Steve Caratzas said...


10:12 PM  
Blogger richard lopez said...

i recall reading somewhere that somebody a few years ago did get fired for saying 'niggardly' when describing how cheap his management was.

caused bit of an uproar, but i think the guy lost his job just the same. says so much about our educational systems. and so much more.

2:09 AM  
Anonymous Pearl said...

there was a brouhaha at my university during convocation because one of the learned speech givers used the word. You would think at a university...pc overboard. throw em a life preserver.

7:56 AM  

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