Monday, May 09, 2005

Who says poets are all flower-plucking fops?

I herein present pics from the New School MFA Thesis Reading, held last Friday, May 6th.

For most of the two years of the MFA program's duration, I had thought of myself as the scariest-looking student enrolled. Well, folks, in the waning weeks of our final semester I was completely outpaced on that count by fellow poet Paul Schwartzberg, shown here affecting his "Travis Bickle joins the WWE" persona. The poetry he read that evening matched his look well.

Schwartzberg: "You reading to me?"

Here I am affecting my "old fuck among twenty-somethings" persona (wait, I am an old fuck among twenty-somethings...).

What kind of person eats plums for breakfast?

(Photos by MsAPhillips)


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