Friday, April 29, 2005

Word Up

Thursday evening's reading went incredibly well. Columbia University's Our Word organization hosted a terrific event with several top-notch writers reading from their work in various disciplines.

This, the group's 5th annual reading, was open to grad students from other MFA writing programs in New York City. I, along with Danyel Smith, a superb fiction writer with a seriously impressive resume, represented The New School.

Naturally, I'm hopelessly embarrassed by the various retarded fears that haunted me about this event. Our Word was founded as a group for writers of color at Columbia, though all writers are welcome to join - and read. I could not imagine more welcoming hosts, nor a more receptive audience.

I agonized over which poems to read, but figured out a set list that was only slightly in your face - and contained zero curse words (!). The funny stuff got tons of laughter, the more poignant ones received the appropriate knowing silence.

There are some pics floating about, which I will post later.

Many thanks to Our Word, a tremendous organization!


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