Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Bound and determined

Two (count 'em) bound copies of my thesis are now sitting in my advisor's mailbox at The New School Writing Office. There they are awaiting his signature and delivery to the proper authorities (i.e. the guy who runs the document shredder), thus signifying my completion of the major requirements of the Master of Fine Arts program.

This Friday - May 6th - is day two of the graduate student readings, on which date I am scheduled for three minutes of reading from my creative manuscript (I could probably get in about a dozen of my shorter poems, especially if I use my auctioneer persona). Then on May 19th is The New School's recognition ceremony, where all graduates receive a parting gift and a six-month head start before student loans kick in.

What to read on Friday? A full-throttle cussfest? (I could pull out "Aloha, Fuckface" - that one always sets a good, confrontational tone.) The kinder, gentler poems? (Must be one or two. Well, one. Maybe.) "The Jethro Tull Story"? The oldsters always appreciate that one.

Decisions, decisions.


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