Wednesday, March 16, 2005

From Yankee to Redneck - No Muss, No Fuss

From my friend MsHellion in Louisville, Kentucky:

"This Friday I read "That Fucking Bagel Place" and "On the Trail of the 'I'm a Little Teapot' Murderer" at the INKY poetry reading series my friend proctors. The poems went over smashingly. I had to wait a bit after each title to give the audience a second to stop laughing. I think the Teapot went over the best. I even pantomimed the handle and spout pose. I wish you could have seen it. I announced before reading that I was not there of my own merit, but actually there to read the works of a cherished Brooklynite pal. I also let them know that you are working on your MFA at the New School. One lady, another poet, asked if she could buy a chapbook from you. I told her that I would see what I could do.

"I look forward to the day when you get to read your own stuff at one of our events. Louisville crowds are very welcoming, and I think you'd have a grand time."

* * *

Wow. I can't wait to point my pickup truck toward the Blue Grass State and read to a Louisville crowd in person. They clearly have exquisite taste. [Note to self: Acquire pickup truck, a.s.a.p.]

Thank you, MsHellion, for sharing my poetry in a place where the bagel is not a native foodstuff.

"On the Trail of the I'm a Little Teapot' Murderer" was recently accepted for publication by Daniel Nester's online journal, Unpleasant Event Schedule. It, along with my poems "Personal Touch" and "Crisis is King," should go live there in the spring.


Anonymous eek said...

As the co-pilot of the InKY Series, I hereby invite you to read.

We have no budget, so we can't pay you. We can't even pay expenses.

Boy, it's sounding better every second!

10:35 PM  

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