Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Peppermint Twist

Yes, this is the tea I ordered yesterday at the greasy spoon diner in close proximity to the New School, causing quite the amused look to cross Gina's face.

Currently reading poet Maggie Nelson's Jane, which Gina was nice enough to get for me at last Friday's book release party (signed, even!). It is a riveting read, and beautifully laid out in short poems and journal entries, rather than typical prose chapters. I'm not sure how original an idea this is, but this book's format has me thinking completely differently about writing, and how a rigorous form like prose can be bent to suit a poet's vision. Seems like writing a novel could actually be fun if a methodology like this were employed.

Also listening to "The Mix of Lewd Enlightenment" (vol. one) that Gina put together for me. This, the official music of my blog, features a ton of great stuff, including: The Descendents, All, Buzzcocks, Bowie, the Stones, Modest Mouse, John Lee Hooker, and much more. I can only wonder what Gina will make of the "A Sad Mix for Sad Birds" collection (vols. one and two) that I am producing for her (Trini Lopez + CD burner = enjoyment? Discuss.).

Weird trivia: Joe Pesci, of all people, was the guitarist for Joey Dee and The Starlighters, who took the song "Peppermint Twist" to No. 1 in 1961. Can you imagine the rehearsals? "Whaddaya mean my fuckin' amp's too loud? Ya wanna hear the fuckin' thing or don't you?"


Blogger MsHellion said...

I guess the soundtrack for my blog would have to include "I Say Fuck" by the Supersuckers. Cuz, ya know, I say "fuck."

1:28 PM  
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