Monday, March 07, 2005


Plans went awry this evening, as I wanted to take in the Mark Bibbins/Anne Carson poetry reading at KGB Bar. Arrived a full hour half before kickoff, only to find that it was LRO (levitating room only). The place was packed, with the eager crowd spilling out and up the stairs of the East 4th Street establishment.

Disappointed, I pretty much got right back on the subway and headed home, where Bouche Douce was convalescing due to a persistent illness. I was happy to be back on the couch with her, frankly, as I've been quite worried about her health. Today we went to a doctor and loaded up on antibiotics, so I'm hoping things are on the upswing on that front.

To pass the time, we fired up Movies on Demand and watched Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle. Yes, it was utterly juvenile, but watchable. In fact, I suspect it is probably side-splittingly hilarious if one is under the influence - of anything - while viewing it.

One of the highlights for me was hearing the 1976 Rose Royce tune "I Wanna Get Next to You," toward the end of the flick. There's something about that era of R&B/Dance/Disco music, particularly all tunes featuring over-produced string arrangements. I'm a total sucker for that stuff.

All in all, a very cozy evening, the KGB sardine situation notwithstanding.


Blogger mike_ten1962 said...

I wanna get next to you was way ahead of its time, the first few bars says this is something very special but in a soulful way, its a sad record too, you want something or somebody you can't have, listening to lionel richie's easy, three times a lady, was bareable, listening to this record reminds of times, relationships, that were for loves sake, were unbareable, reference standard stuff,

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