Friday, March 11, 2005


Read tonight at the New School MFA student reading, along with another poet, a non-fiction writer and several others from the fiction concentration. It was unusual in that student readings are generally held on Thursday evenings, though the turnout was a lively one.

I read a few new poems, and a couple of older ones, and even though I like to read slowly and with purpose, it seemed like my time flew by. Got a few chuckles, but the audience seemed to be very serious.

Two upcoming events at which I will be a featured reader:

April 3rd (Sunday) - Atomic Reading Series at the Lucky 13 Saloon (273 13th Street at 5th Avenue) in Park Slope, Brooklyn. This monthly reading series is coordinated by Cheryl B., a spoken word artist/poet. I've attended a few Atomic readings, and each has featured at least a couple of interesting writers (and on one occasion, a wry singer/songwriter).

April 28th (Monday) - Our Word Annual Reading at Columbia University. Now this one could be tricky. Apparently this is an annual showcase for Columbia writers of color, and in this, its fourth year, is open to MFA students all over New York City. I am almost positive that the original call for writers mentioned "writers of color and others." I'm "other," right? I suppose I could always fall back on the fact that I'm half Puerto Rican. I am reminded of Buddy Holly's groundbreaking performance at the Apollo (i.e. he was the first white musician to play there), and I think this situation has great Seinfeld potential (i.e. George unwittingly masquerading as a Neo-Nazi, etc.). If your life has been short on mayhem, I'd suggest checking this out.


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