Saturday, March 24, 2007

Yikes! My worst score since I went to Leper Colony Club Med!

I found this poll over at rocketradio, a very entertaining blog recently added to my must-read list.

I always wanted to visit Toronto, after all the Hockey Hall of Fame is there. But after this, I wonder if I wouldn't be run out of town.

Also, my recent experiences in Montreal give me slight pause. There is clearly a divide between the two cities, from what I gather, though this might actually be a Quebec vs. the rest of Canada thing.

I do want to learn French, which while helpful in Montreal may be an obstacle in Toronto, dunno.

Je suis désolé!

You are 57% Toronto!

You're so Montreal! You tell everyone that you're from Toronto because it makes you sound cooler than you really are. You're not fooling anyone with that french accent, honey.

How Toronto Are You?
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Blogger katrocket said...

ha ha ha! I can't believe you took the test. I have been scolded by my friends for applying such an absurd grading curve to the test. The only way to get 100% is by choosing all the joke answers.

Torontonians are actually very friendly and like to drink and watch films, porn or hockey. You'd rather enjoy it I think.

All the "rivalry" is just good ribbing. No Quebecers were harmed during the creation of the Quiz.

As always, Thanks for stopping by!

7:04 PM  
Anonymous Pearl said...

You are 55% Toronto! same write up. The real blood rivalry is between TO and Ottawa or Ottawa and Montreal. Montreal and TO, not so bad.

8:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, this old story Montreal, Toronto.. it's a funny legend, there's a city, a wild untamed one surrounded rivers top and bottom an island shaped, on the map, a bit like a bum's shoe_ this one Montreal, and somewhere along the down road of the 401 another great legend Toronto its wild history imagined real and unknown. I even made love there, once.

12:22 AM  

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