Friday, June 24, 2005


One of the many considerations in a new work situation is where to find reasonable food. My current job has me stuck in a part of town I'm not very familiar with, though I did work right around here at two previous places of employment in years past.

Thankfully, I cannot recall where the fast food joints are around here. Ditto the Dunkin Donuts (but I'm pretty sure there's one close by...). There seem to be a couple of those very nice (read: pricey) deli-esque places, where you can get everything from a burger to a mixed salad to a panini sandwich, etc. Thrown in a bottle of soda and you've just broken through the $10 mark.

One thing I find vaguely odd: sushi seems hard to come by. Does no one in this part of town ever eat it? In the past, take out sushi has served as a fairly cheap, filling, protein-rich meal that generally makes me feel as though I've done my body a good turn (as opposed to, say, three slices of pizza).

Hmmm. I haven't seen any pizza places around here, come to think of it.


Blogger MsAPhillips said... says:

Monster Sushi 22 W 46
C'est Bon Cafe 11 E 55
Chef's Kitchen 58 E 56
and if you're up for a hike,
Sushi A-go-go 1900 Bway 63/64.

Sashimi? Eel? California roll? Lettuce? Tomato?

4:45 PM  
Blogger yournamehere said...

Perhaps a benevolent Chicagoan will move close to your place of employment and open a decent pizza joint.

8:57 PM  

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