Saturday, February 19, 2005

"It's not too late to uncancel it."

Thus spake Detroit Red Wings captain Steve Yzerman, a mere day following the NHL's official cancellation of the season. Despite my suspicion that "uncancel" may not be a word, the guy is looking like the Orcale of Delphi.

Apparently, a big do-over is afoot. A secret meeting is being held - at this very moment! - that could conceivably salvage the season.

While I think it would be great to have hockey back, the thought of a 28-game season followed by a full four rounds of playoffs seems kind of silly at this point. And what of the further damage the NHL might be doing to itself by "uncancelling" the cancellation?

Is this league so fly-by-night that it can't even stand by its own edicts? Is this what I've been following since 1973?

Whatever. Similar to the idiotic Academy Awards, the NHL's clear lack of logic and casual concern for its fan base can't really be helped. These people just don't seem to know any better. Pity.


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