Tuesday, June 05, 2012


It requires 2 AA batteries and I have 1 AAA battery
The last home fries of the day served at any diner have usually gone bad
There's a very good chance I'll run into someone I hate
There's a very good chance I'll run into someone who hates me
I can never tell if he's been drinking heavily or is just a profound asshole
I am like the only person living who doesn't think Pet Sounds is a masterpiece
I would rather watch really old pro wrestling reruns than new matches
I still miss all the cats I've ever had and died
The Universe keeps pointing out how badly I've stumbled
There's nothing I can do about dying but I'm so tired of being afraid of it
I didn't write "Kid Charlemagne"
I wish I didn't need all the things I need
The train schedule fucked me over when I least needed being fucked over
People keep disappointing me
I keep disappointing people
I keep disappointing me
I want to dance with somebody who loves me (but I'm a shitty dancer)
Singing old drinking songs just blows when you don't drink
I have so much to draw and so little paper
My guitar harshly sobs
The sun may not come out tomorrow
My knees are shot



Blogger Lodo Grdzak said...

Ha! Paul McCartney mentioned he liked Pet Sounds and suddenly its the greatest masterpiece of modern times. Brian Wilson's been milking that comment for 45 years. Please. Who even listens to that record? And what'd they ever do since then?

11:53 PM  

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