Monday, October 06, 2008

Now I Can Die In Peace: Steve Caratzas is Number 1!

Er, in Issue 1, actually.

As reported by Ron Silliman here, and in blogs from as far away as Italy(!), I have been anthologized!

Along with about a jillion others (some poets, some who knows?) in a completely bizarre 3,785-page PDF collection.

Being a hopelessly self-involved attention whore, I could care less that I actually didn't write the poem attributed to me. In case you don't care to slog through the PDF looking for it (I'm on page 992, ahem) - and it isn't half bad! - I present my poem here:

Like a future

A lighted intended

Like an individual
A set of persons
Of past
A future
A set of bands

The unlit couples
An expedition of piles
Like a set
Like a match

A sort of aspiration

A carrier
Oblivion written with wilderness

In fact, I think I will claim ownership of the thing post haste. Why not? I've actually been trying to break out of the self-imposed limitations of my 8-word poems (fear not, I doubt I'll eveer truly get them out of my system) and my spliced together from conversations overheard/snippets recently read/nonsense half-remembered/inscrutable thoughts I wish I could forget routines.

Well, this poem - I have no idea who wrote it, or if it was even "written" - could be my springboard to that next voice.

Or not.

Why not?



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Blogger cowboyangel said...

I've been very successful at not writing poems, but I've never actually been anthologized for it. I'm impressed.

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