Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Get yourself a good lawyer
Find a rainbow and get busy wishing
Get yourself some skates

Change the first "get" to "find"
Change the third "get" to "buy"
Change the first "find" back to "get"
Change the "buy" back to "get"

Find yourself a good lawyer and get busy praying
Hit your knees and start asking for forgiveness
Don't take it personally when nothing works out

Read the news in print for the first time in ages
Check to make sure you've got the facts straight
Turn your resentments over to an impartial observer

Create a complex latticework whenever possible
Hone the ability to identify a complex latticework
   and call it what it is
Seek God when least you expect to find him

Listen to that bastard sneezing and pray for him too
Appreciate the time it took for you to get this far
Wake up with a smile and keep it there



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