Saturday, January 07, 2006

I'm it.

I've been tagged by MsHellion - and when MsHellion tags you, you listen.

Here are my responses:

Four jobs they couldn’t pay you enough to do: Fluffer, MTA worker, Personal Assistant to Star Jones, Manager at a Ugandan jockstrap testing facility.

Four movies you used to love and watched over and over to the point that now you have them memorized and the prospect of watching them again causes your eyeballs to bleed: Animal House, Casino Royale, Citizen Kane, Terminator 2.

Alternatively, four movies you loved when you saw them in the theater but don’t dare watch again for fear they won’t hold up: Natural Born Killers, Croupier, Bringing Out the Dead, Last Tango in Paris.

Four places in the United States you’ve always thanked no-God you don’t live even when you were living in a really small rathole in Kentucky and/or Indiana [not that I've ever lived in Kentucky or Indiana]: Idaho; Iowa; Newark, New Jersey; Los Angeles.

Four places you would like to visit on an extended vacation: Toronto, Amsterdam, Prague, Alaska.

Four TV shows you are strangely tempted to watch but have so far resisted: 24, all CSI variations, every show on the Sci-Fi Channel, The Best Damn Sports Show Period.

Four Websites that aren’t on your blogroll that you visit daily:,,, Yahoo! Sports.

Four foods you don’t really like and can’t understand why you eat them but you eat them anyway and feel bad about it afterwards: bagels, Oreo double-stuffs, salsa, KFC.

Four albums you never listen to anymore but can’t bring yourself to trade in at Tower Records: Lou Reed - Magic & Loss, The Rolling Stones - Bridges to Babylon, Scraping Foetus Off the Wheel - Nail, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Tender Prey.

Four places you’d rather be but sadly won’t be any time soon: Spain, Canada, The Netherlands, bed.

Who will you tag? I don't tag people anymore. I can't handle the rejection.


Blogger MsAPhillips said...

Re the four jobs they couldn't pay you enough to do:

You can't let one bad experience at a NIGERIAN jockstrap testing facility ruin your view of all African jockstrap testing facilities... Back in the saddle, I say.

8:35 AM  

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