Monday, August 01, 2005

The Incredulity Tour Tour (parts one & dos) Diary, entry #3: Signage of the Times II

The Incredulity Tour Tour, having rolled westward from Louisville, Kentucky, now claims the San Francisco Bay Area as one of its official stops. That's me holding a copy of the new chapbook at the intersection of Haight/Ashbury.

The historic implications of this corner are staggering, as this is the veritable vortex of the hippie counterculture/flower power movement begun back in 1967 - the year of the Summer of Love according to much of the literature I've come across in these environs.

There is still abundant evidence of the psychedelia that defined a generation: tie dye is everywhere, along with Grateful Dead memorabilia, natural organic health food establishments and enough free spirits to put any bar out of business.

The bus ride from downtown San Francisco recalled the "B.O." episode of Seinfeld, as every downtrodden, rucksack-toting twentysomething with a casual relationship to soap seemed headed for said vortex to beg change.

Whether it was the tinge of personal foulness or some other outside agency I cannot be sure, but something assaulted my senses in a most unusual fashion, causing a mercifully brief period of hallucination to take root.

The second photo depicts my Jefferson Airplane-esque plight. "Go ask Alice, when she's ten feet tall...."

(Photos by MsAPhillips)


Blogger richard lopez said...

yr in hippie central, the universe of hippiedom starts here. but for a fuller experience go north, young man, to humboldt county where you'll find acres upon acres of fields of pot, multi-colored buses that would make the merry pranksters be proud, hair longer than the word long would envision, and concussions of bongos beat until yr eardrums pop. the year 1968 never ended!

11:55 PM  

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