Friday, June 10, 2005


Silly me, I thought we were living in PC times. I found this image - used as a real banner advertisement on Yahoo! - some time ago (but definitely not before the Civil Rights Movement). What gives?!

Was Archie Bunker handling this ad campaign? I guess I missed the one where a bunch of pickaninnies were lazing in a watermelon patch until some helpful white guy mentioned that they might be more comfy in a Holiday Inn.

No detail has been spared: note the bug-eyed look of supreme terror; the hair standing on end; the "Ahm losin' mah mind!" hysterics.

About the only thing missing here is a panel showing this couple done with the terrifying trip and safe in the refuge of their Universal Theme Park jobs of cook and maid, respectively. Christ.


Blogger yournamehere said...

I was at Universal Orlando about five years ago, and I recall minorities were told to keep "eyeballin'" to a minimum.

Also, in front of some of the attractions stood a cardboard cutout of a cartoon character with the caption: "You must be at least this caucasian to ride."

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