Friday, June 22, 2012


And she was Latino with very large very white
teeth and she bit my cock hard when I came
because I only had $14 and not the $15 she had
asked for.

There was an older French woman who looked
passable in the black light of the anteroom where
you pick your "girl" but once we were in private
she peeled

off a body stocking and her entire form changed
into something of a blob. But she was very nice
and took charge in a way that was comforting,
thank God:

"First, I'm gonna suckā€¦." And she did but after
the revelation of her physiognomy I wasn't
quite present. She had other ideas, though,
parting her

labia proudly: "I'm very clean here," but after
a few long minutes of that she could sense I
was elsewhere. She resorted to lotion and her
hands - generally

a fool-proof combo, but when you are lost, you
are lost. Who else? The young black woman
who took me to a freezing room in a 42nd St.
hotel (the

OLD 42nd St.) late on a Thanksgiving evening.
Though I tipped her generously she didn't like
the idea of giving me any change. But eventually
she relented,

pulling a few folded and blood soaked bills from
the front of her underwear. She smiled a half-
lidded smirk and said "Here it is, baby, your
blood money."



Blogger Lodo Grdzak said...

Uh, keep it sweetheart.

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