Friday, January 01, 2010


I've been on Twitter (is that the correct construction? on Twitter?) for a short while - and after a few Tweets, I think they're called, I kind of abandoned it.

But for good reason: I truly believe that in order to fully utilize something like Twitter one needs to have instantaneous access to the Internet - which I don't.

It seems to me the whole thing is designed to be instant. You see someting interesting, think something weird, do something new, and then you let everyone else in on it, right then and there. Not three hours later.

But since I don't want to let the technology just slip away from me (I'm no quitter!), I am embarking on a project for 2010 - a piece of performance art, if you will. I am going to attempt to Tweet once each day of 2010 and utilize all 140 characters that I am permitted in each Tweet.

One Tweet per day, 140 characters. That's the plan.



Blogger richard lopez said...

steve, where's the link to your twitter account? interesting project. i've not joined the whole digital revolution, don't have an iphone or even a cell phone, and tho i read a lot online i'm not connected 24/7, too. still, i think that we are at the beginning of a fundamental change in how we live our lives. no longer will there be a divide between digital and fleshly experiences. these two are merging and what happens online is just as authentic as what happens in the physical world. i'm utterly transposed and beguiled by this change.

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