Tuesday, November 11, 2008


for Ray Montecalvo

I should've given less thought to an early
grave now especially death proof as if it
were those vile attachments may or may not
kill but feeling the train nearby is soothing
to these tired old eyes insisting on a bare
minimum at least give me reverb or give me
wealth dynamite my reward how do you spell
detonate this is the way of the world it ends
sans ax handle amnesty that's right free the
heart songs the only ones worth hearing my
rook to her queen they built this city on
leaves of only the finest Corinthian jockstraps
hell when I wasn't following my muse I was
stalking it a fair trade in the final analysis.

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Blogger RAY said...

Better to be spit out and live to tell about it than be consumed whole, and leave behind nothing -Ray

12:33 PM  

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