Tuesday, January 02, 2007


It took until the final day of the year for me to see what I believe is the finest film of 2006: Children of Men.

Don't let the sci-fi element fool you. Though it takes place in 2027 in a deteriorating Orwellian world where women can no longer become pregnant, this is a terrific movie with a frighteningly apt message for the totally fucked up times in which we live.

I suppose the film's power might not be quite so staggering if we were not currently embroiled in a pointless war led by a neo-fascist regime of bloodsucking ghouls. (Was that out loud?) Regardless, I can't recall seeing another film that seemed so complete all year long.

And yes, even Michael Caine, with Grandmama Addams hair, delivers the goods. I admit I was skeptical when I first started seeing trailers ("Woy do you fink women can't have babies no more?"). But this movie is the real deal. Highly recommended.


Blogger Dott Comments said...

Adding this to my "must see" list immediately.

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