Monday, December 18, 2006

Random Observations on BERLIN - St. Ann's Warehouse 12/15/06

Seeing Steve Hunter once again backing up Lou Reed was incredible. As mentioned in previous posts, Hunter's guitar playing was key to my interest in learning the instrument. Plus, being long aware of Reed's dismissal of Rock N Roll Animal as a piece of commercial pap, I felt like I was witnessing a unique musical reconciliation.

Bob Ezrin looked like an actual conductor as he led the band with authoritative gestures. The lab coat with "Berlin" written down the back was odd, though.

I loved watching members of The Brooklyn Youth Chorus bopping to the music on their risers during "Caroline Says I." Couldn't help wondering if anyone explained Berlin's plot to them beforehand.

"Caroline Says II" was sad and moving, with Reed's vocal striking an apt but rare note of sympathy.

"Sad Song" was really sad and beautiful. I always wondered what combination of instruments was involved in the opening. Turns out it is flute and clarinet.

Weird seeing a fit Asian guy in front of St. Ann's Warehouse and thinking: "Could that be Lou's martial arts trainer?" Followed quickly by: "Nah!" Then seeing the same guy sitting next to Laurie Anderson and realizing: "Yeah, that's him alright."


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