Thursday, August 31, 2006

8-word poem

Decisions, decisions:
Kill myself
Before lunch
Or after?


Blogger MsHellion said...

After lunch,
with a double helping
of dessert.

4:14 PM  
Blogger steakbellie said...

wait till after dinner,
moms making apple pie

5:21 PM  
Blogger steakbellie said...

Eat Fifty Hotdogs First.
Think of the Autopsy!

5:24 PM  
Anonymous Pearl said...

World seems better after siesta, meal, sex, scouring...

11:09 PM  
Blogger Dr. Chingasa said...

at least 30 minutes after eating.

11:22 PM  
Blogger MsAPhillips said...

If you postpone the attempt til after lunch, you're giving that salami sandwich time to spin out its own evil plan...

My vote: Procrastinate.

12:34 PM  
Blogger 2012天氣晴朗 said...


11:36 PM  

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