Sunday, April 16, 2006

Ah, the French Canadians! Montréal diary: entry #3

On my first full day in Montréal I stopped in a local eatery called Frite Alors! (exclamation point theirs) to assess my situation and have my first sit down meal of the trip. Fortunately, this establishment took U.S. dollars to settle the tab as I hadn't yet exchanged them for Canadian.

Pictured are what I've come to consider a few travel essentials: (1) pen, (2) Purell hand sanitizer, (3) The Incredulity Tour chapbook, (4) Pepsi Diete, (5) eyeglasses, and (6) coffee.

It was a drizzly day, but once I was fueled up on sausages and fries (with Dijon mustard dipping sauce) I was off on an extended walking tour of the city. The jaunt took me from the Latin Quarter (where I was lodging at the Hotel St-Denis), through the Village, to Old Montréal, Chinatown, Downtown, and all the way back.

For reasons that I still don't quite fully comprehend, Captain Haddock of the Belgian comic Tintin is apparently the Frite Alors! mascot.


Blogger Bro said...

I enjoyed your blog and laughed out loud with delight at some of lists (both music and travle essentials). Enjoy your travels. Bronwyn the retired traveller in Brisbane

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