Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A rare political blog entry.

To the workers at the MTA - who will garner zero sympathy from determined New Yorkers, the likes of which see the strike as an inconvenience not unlike gum on the bottom of one's shoe - I say with all due respect: Fuck yuz.

[If I hadn't needed to find alternate means to get to work, which put me in the office more than an hour early, I wouldn't have had time to post this.]

[Although it's quite possible I would need a break at some point during the work day, so actually I probably would have made the time somehow.]

[And since when do I let anything get in the way of me making an obnoxious statement - let alone this job?]

[Because, seriously, I am here late every night. I mean, come on, I deserve a little bit of a break every now and again, right?]


[Maybe they deserve to strike, I dunno.]


[I'm here, didn't need your stinking subway anyway. So the "Fuck yuz" is still in effect, ultimately.]


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