Friday, October 14, 2005

8-word poem

And where
Would we be
If art mattered?


Blogger yournamehere said...

Certainly not the United States, and most likely not in the Twenty-first century.

6:32 PM  
Blogger richard lopez said...


first read this as 'art is metered' maybe 'art has petered?' at any rate, art, pop and not, exists, and does matter. i'm not such a pessimist when it comes to worrying about the present or future state of creative endeavours. i do worry about the past, since art is alwasy past tense. that is, one has no idea what is in the future, and we exist only in the present, even if our work is avant, but it is the past where we define ourselves, and work toward and against. faulkner said something about the past is not dead, it is not even past.

peace and love,


3:57 PM  

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